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Global Certificate: ISO 9001:2015


JK Polymers

PP/ HDPE Woven Fabrics manufacturer

Circular and Flat fabrics are manufactured on world class circular looms and tape lines. We can offer open width fabric up to 96 Inch or 245 cm wide i.e. circular/tubular fabric of 52 Inch /130 cm. wide. On the lower side, we can offer circular/ tubular fabrics of minimum 11 inches/ 29 cm wide.

We offer PE/PP Woven Fabrics ranging from minimum 45 GSM to maximum 200 GSM with varying weaving mesh. These fabrics can be made in colors of your choice and requirement. We also offer UV Stabilized fabrics with customized weaving mesh. Fabrics can be offered in roll form as well as cut piece form.

Specifications available in PP / HDPE woven sacks:

  • Fabric Type: Circular / FLAT.

  • Fabric Lamination: As per customers requirement.

  • Fabric circular Width: From 29cm to 130cm.

  • Fabric Flat Width: From 58cm to 260cm.

  • Length: Any Length.

  • Fabric Weight: Between 30 gsm to Any.

  • Colour: Milky White, & any colour as per customers’ requirements.

  • Gusset: As per customer’s requirement or without Gusset.

  • Mesh: between 8X8 mesh to 15×15 mesh ,normally 10X10 11X11.

  • Denier: Between 300 Denier to Any.

  • UV Protection: As per customers requirement.