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JK Polymers

FIBC Bags and Fabrics

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) Commonly Known as Big Bags,

Are the most popular form of Bulk Goods Packaging in the market? Big Bags (FIBC) are used for the transport and storage of all type of loose or granulated materials.

Big Bags (FIBC BAG) Flexible containers are available in a wide variety of types and sorts and therefore are suitable for various applications in the mining, chemicals, food and many other Industries.

JK Polymers competitive advantage is primarily the effect of the high quality of its product and flexible approach to the customers.

Adequate technical facilities, team of high qualified production Engineers. Our own laboratory and good source of raw materials resources allow us to adjust our production to the market demands and every customer’s individual requirements .in its tailor made products JK Polymers makes every endeavour to create a unique value for its customers.

FIBC BAGS (BIG BAGS) Packaging Advantages:

  • Guaranteed convenient and fast loading and unloading of large volume of goods by means of mechanized equipments.

  • Safe transport of goods, fast and efficient distribution.

  • Economic benefits due to saving transport costs and storage space. Big Bags can be stacked in several layers.

  • FIBC Bags are Reusable (SF 6:1 Safety Factor).

  • Fully Recyclable.

  • Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey

The types and kinds of Big Bags offered by JK Polymers are always adapted to the customer’s individual needs. In the BIG Bags design and production we first of all take into the accounts the purpose for which the containers are intended (type of goods to be packed) procedures and condition of packing transport, storage and unloading of goods.


BIG Bags are made of Polypropylene fabric of different basis weight and strength parameters with UV Stabilization.

  • Coated: Laminated with polyethylene, which protects the product from Moisture and dust particles from outside.

  • Uncoated: With breathing properties.


BIG Bags may be used as:

  • Single Trip Packaging: Bags with the safety Factor SF 5 : 1

  • Multiple Trip Packaging: Bags with the safety factor SF 6: 1

Type of FIBC Bags (BIG Bags):